November 14, 2016

Most schools are closing after the the third term is coming to an end, and most candidates in class 8 and form 4 are also doing their final touches as they wait for the national examination which will determine wether they are moving to the next level. 
Codman  academy was also not left out in the preparation because we were able to determine this during our mapping session on schools. 

Final exams are administered by the government and so their is amount of money that candidates are expected to pay. 

Pupils from codman academy and a neighboring school gave money for registration just to realize a few days to the exam that they are not registered.

This didn’t go well with the parents because the school head was arrested and taken to Pangani police station. 

Today morning as we were preparing to go for mapping,the pupils,joined with few members of the community took to the street to demonstrate and closed a section of juja road near Moi Air Base for sometime causing traffic  before the police came and disperse them.

As this was taking place, some youths took advantage of the situation and went to the school and stole books.

More than 22 pupils from Codman and neighboring school are disappointed lot because they are not going to sit for the exam. Very sad after 8 or more years of preparation. 

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