Dangers Of Open Drainages

April 26, 2013

During this rainy season the sewers have busted and are flowing all over the area as they mix with rain water and children go playing with the water as they think its rain water. In most hospital in mathare you will find them being diagnosed with dysentery, cholera, typhoid, flu and some other diseases.

children playing next to  open sewer

children playing next to open sewer

It is a bad scenario to see the open drainages just left to flow on the path where young and old people use as they go to school and work. As you can see from this picture this is an open sewer next to a school in Ngei ward mathare constituency and the pupils in this school go and play near it.

Members of the community have organized cleanups’ trying by all means to make them flow into the tunnel that were built during the colonial days but as you know mathare is populated so this sewer lines cannot handle the population so they get full very quickly. Landlords who don’t have proper sewer line connection have decided to direct their toilet pipes on to the trenches that pass next to the road portraying a bad picture and the trenches are flowing towards the river causing river pollution.

a toilet sewer line disposing in a trench near the road

a toilet sewer line disposing in a trench near the road

NEEMA has tried dealing with this menace by employing security men to ensure no one pollutes the river. The residents have contacted the city council of Nairobi through Youth groups and the area chief to try their level best and replace the pipes with large pipes which can handle the population in mathare.

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