Dilemma of choosing right political leaders amongst youths

December 19, 2012

In Kenya, interest groups and the media always hide behind because they don’t want to focus on politics hence they need to do a better job covering campaigns on the opinion side for the next election. ‘Horses’ have emerged after pre-election coalition agreements and the race is on. It’s high time to step back and assess the right candidates in the 2013 general election, on platforms based on manifestos they have for Kenyans and mostly on youths who adds the 75% of the Kenyan population.

presidential hopefulls

presidential hopefulls

Regardless of the political party, citizen media, pressure groups and the stakeholders should recommend the best person for a specific position or office by providing perspective in a way to dispel any suspicion. I guess, opinions can be varied on the subject yet the public need the media to figure out what propositions and relay what kind of morals politicians are spouting. This is because the public trust media and rely on them in making political decisions.
There is a high risk in endorsements amongst the youths and mostly to high profile positions such as the president, governors and the senate because of ethnic and literacy levels. We need to be more aggressive to host forums with the aspirants to understand issues and problems within us and the entire community. By being informed and knowledgeable will help us elect the right leaders. Although a number of people may think endorsing candidates for elective positions is not necessary but I believe in the power of the community in the aspect of endorsement.
My advice to the youths is based on diligence and analysis of the candidates or aspirants.


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