Drug use amongst youth in mathare

February 5, 2013

There has been the menace of drugs among the youths of mathare which has made them lazy and don’t want to work.This kind of drugs include khat,bhang,cocaine and also muguuka a type of khat but only leaves.According to my findings this types of drugs lead to mental degradation and can make someone impotent,if our leaders say that we are the leaders of tomorrow they should consider the youths and make them as in through,”kazi kwa vijana initiative”that the right Hon. Raila odinga and president Kibaki brought to the table but what makes it to fail the youths because of their drug addiction.I hope that the government will incorporate this youths to be good citizens of this country by arresting the drug barons and also ban khat.I also want to congratulate Map Kibera Trust for bringing this brilliant idea of Mapping where some youths have been made to abstain from drugs and substance abuse

thanks Michael(Mike)

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