November 6, 2018

Education system in Kenya has always been like a competition at both the Primary and Secondary students. For instance, if you are a secondary school student and you happen to get Grade “A” in Mathematics, “B” Plus in Agriculture, “B” Plain in Biology, “E” in Physics and “E” in English, your mean Grade is reduced to “C-” (Minus) just because you didn’t perform well in those two subjects. Therefore your dream pf going to the University is shattered.

Why can’t we have some institutions that will make sure you pursue your career of choice as per the subjects you performed well?

For example, if you take Fish, Snake, Monkey, Frog and Bird and then give them a challenge of climbing a tree, Which among them will emerge a winner? That is how our education system works.

You pick people randomly and then give them the same challenge to see who is good at a task. Those who will likely perform well will be termed as bright people and those who wont perform well are “FOOLS”.

If you remove a fish from water and command it to climb a tree, will you prefer calling it a fool?

As Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) continues and we are seeing police officers in schools, it’s a clear indication that we haven’t understood our education system.

Is it fair for a police officer to guard an exam room with a G3 or an AK47 for the only crime the participants have committed is to have geometrical set with a pair of compass inside?

Are students battling police officers? And are police officers across the country providing security to students or guarding exams from being stolen by students?

Do we go to school to get knowledge or pass exam?

Sign post: Mathari Pimary School in Mathare Constituency. Photo by: Richard Chapia

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