April 24, 2013

Floods in Kenya are a natural and frequent occurring event affecting thousands of people. Kenyans are at risk of flooding in their homes, at work and while traveling. Flooding normally cause widespread disruption to commercial and agricultural activities and damages resulting to millions of shillings.

Over the past few weeks rainfall has been experienced in Kenya. In mathare and the surrounding communities it has now become a disaster. People have been displaced houses and household goods carried away. last year when it rained residents in mathare were faced by a disaster when a rock rolled down there houses killing, injuring and trapping others, that  saw the Kenya red cross, NGOs ,CBOs  and political leaders visit the area and promise to deal with it.IMG_0224

The new government has promised to deal with disasters in Kenya; this was announced by the deputy president after he saw the rains killing people, destroying the roads and carry away houses. People living along the river banks or flood prone areas are likely to suffer from cholera and Malaria. Sewerage’s and water pipes have burst and washed away exposing people to risks.

piped water running through the sewer system

piped water running through the sewer system

As the government is still planning on how to mitigate floods in Kenya, mathare residents are requesting if they can receive mosquito nets, food and bedding’s through the chief to help them during this rainy season.

As mitigation strategy there should be:

Careful planning of development in potentially flood prone areas. This help the residents understand flood risks

Flood forecasting and warning services that the Kenyan meteorological department has been using

Temporary and permanent evacuation (that is moving persons and property away from the path of the flood water)

Production of maps showing areas prone to flooding or disaster event. The government should give MAP KIBERA TRUST the tender to produce these maps.

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  1. gilbert ghome on February 21, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    thanks excellent truth… the steps the government want to undertake on mitigation issue of flood should be applied country wide …for example also in place like kabuto in nyatike migori county thus experience the same calamity due to overflow of river kuja.

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