July 18, 2013

Electric fault, bursting of stove while cooking, candles left carelessly, explosion of cooking gas and arson are some of the causes of fire in Mathare. it was just a day like the other days, but this one seems to be a nightmare to this woman “mama Scovia” who is a single mother of  three kids who doubles up as the dad.

left over after fire

left over after fire


The incidence took place at around 10 o’clock in the morning when residents of Mathare 3C were busy doing there morning chores, others had left their homes to look for daily bread and the children were playing outside because they were still affected by the teachers strike

The neighbors saw smoke come from her house and they become so worried and went to find out what was happening, this is because she was away, on find the door locked and fire coming from inside they decided to find there possible way in by breaking the doors to help rescue her property.

the fire victim looking helpless at the remaining household goods

the fire victim looking helpless at the remaining household goods

They fire was intense and the residents were worried because it was spreading to the other houses, they managed to put it off without moving to the next rooms but they were not able to rescue anything from her house.

One of the neighbors decided to call her from her working place, immediately she arrived, what followed was shock and tears of sorrow wondering what to do nor ought a word.

The incidence left the woman with so many questions who will help her buy uniforms for the children, help her pay rent, buy utensils for the house, food to eat and also school fees for the kids. So as to discharge all her problems was only a cry whereby she seems helplessly.

The big question remains: what could be the cause of fire that left mama Scovia homeless??  Can this fires be prevented in the future??

With Margaret Munene

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