Huruma community forum

May 30, 2013

Members of Huruma ward, Mathare constituency today converged at Huruma CDF hall with their County rep MR. Peter Owera. Residents started arriving as early as 8.30am.

county rep giving his opening remarks to the huruma residents

county rep giving his opening remarks to the huruma residents

The organizers of the function were SISI NI AMANI and SAUTI YETU who in the past have organized political debates in the six wards of Mathare and few wards of Ruaraka. They had different debated ranging from governors debate down to Ward representative, this happened before the general election with its main aim was to empower community to vote based on issues and how well the candidate address them.

Today and the past days they have been engaging the elected county reps trying to find what they have done and some of the challenges they are facing while trying to implement their plans. This helps the community in knowing the progress and consulting them on what they intends to do

Some of the questions asked included, how bursary is distributed in his ward, the rising issue of insecurity, youth involvement in his project and committee, environment and garbage collection and uniting the residents of Mathare constituency.

A member in the congregation boldly said that residents of Huruma are still divided on tribal lines. Some people from a tribe cannot buy in a different tribe. She went ahead and quoted that some luos will not buy from a kikuyu and the opposite and other luos will not sell for a kikuyu. She urged the members of Huruma to ensure there is healing and peace among themselves. She stated that people can’t say they are living in peace if they have grudge amongst themselves. To the county rep, she challenged him by requesting him to make sure he is working with other county rep from other wards to see cohesion.

photo by walter

mr owera reacting to to the questions -photo by walter

On the issue of bursary he challenged Huruma residents to always ask for them this is because the bursaries that are released are few and those that need them are so many and so he promised to give those who will come first to him when they are released.

He also challenged them by informing the residents where his office his and they can always invite him not waiting for such a forum to air their issues.

After the meeting representatives from MSF France Mathare were given the platform to inform people on there services that are free. They gave out a number that in case of rape or sexual violence the victim can call (0711400506 FREE) or go straight to there clinics


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