March 4, 2013

04032013_009the long awaited 4th march is finally here, very early morning voters were woken up with vuvuzelas and whistles as a mobilization tool asking the Kenyan citizen to come out in large number and the poling station things were not normal because it was 5:30am early morning and the queue was very long . Kenyans are very patriotic they are will to wait and vote no matter the time. very few number of incidences are reported , voters were forcing there way in and it caused a stampede leaving too ladies with minor injuries.the police are also set to ensure no violence erupt and the IEBC clerks came early to drive the drive in poling station its reported the laptops are not working and the voters are stranded.”i am going to exercise my right by voting in the right leaders” said one of the voters.

votes waiting to vote

votes waiting to vote

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