September 18, 2015


Fishmonger takes an advantage of light to sell fish. (photo by Ronald Odhiambo)


Above: Fishmonger takes an advantage of light during the night to sell fish.  Below: KPLC connections in Mathare Slum (photo by Ronald Odhiambo)

Gone are the days when lighting in Mathare was only but a dream to many inhabitants. This has been made possible with the coming of the new lighting project from the Kenya power and lighting company. The project has seen many slum dwellers have access to cheap and affordable electricity. Now the streets of Mathare are a depiction of what the Kenya power and lighting company in conjunction with the world bank have strived to achieve, a lighted Mathare . Token electricity has been put in place to supply the electricity to plots and houses. Businesses are now blooming because electricity is cheap and most business require that significant necessity; electricity.
In addition to this through the installation of electricity throughout the slum the rate of insecurity has dropped drastically as opposed to the dark streets of Mathare that never ceased to instill fear and insecurity to the people, now the streets give hope to the dwellers that even though at a slower rate someday there will be no more slum to which most people knew and considered a worst place to be. Mathare will be like any other place in Kenya. Though not the whole of Mathare has the installation of this project, most of the areas have already been lighted: Our once a jungle of underdevelopment has now bloomed and if you take a walk around am sure you will stop and wonder how the place looks like. Back then most of the children would lag behind in their studies and sometimes would not strive with their education. Some would not be able to be updated with the happening in the country and in the world. And somehow even with all the available equipments that promotes technology, slum dwellers will still fail to access them, main reason; being electricity.
It’s for this that I would like for all reasons in the world to salute this dream fulfilling company.
The Kenya power and lighting company (KPLC) has made many dreams to come true. Not forgetting that “Mama Mboga” who immediately the clock struck seven, would be worried of how she would manage in the darkness. Now the clock striking seven is just but time passing quickly to her as she can freely set up her stall up to 9:30pm in the night. Thanks to the affordable electricity made accessible to her.
I see all this good tidings this project has brought about and I smile because once neglected slum of Mathare can now be compared to other parts that saw development earlier.

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