Mathare Covid-19 FC

May 17, 2020

School going teenagers play football in Mathare area 3C. Photo by: Richard Chapia

Since the closure of both public and private schools by the government due to Covid-19 pandemic, school going children in the informal settlement of Mathare are finding it difficult to comply with the government initiative of online learning/ e-learning due to lack of necessary logistics to follow through with their studies.

A big percentage of students in Mathare lack access to internet or even the gadgets themselves like: Smartphones, computers and radios to follow the radio lessons.

Due to the stated reasons, many find themselves idling in large groups wondering on what to do next. But a group of young school going children decided to form a soccer team as a way of keeping themselves busy and also killing boredom.

They named the team "covid-19 fc". Even though issues to deal with social distancing is not that achievable to them and the people living in informal settlement across the country, they still found away to send a message to by-standers watching their small soccer match.

Written by: Ronald Omollo.

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