August 21, 2015
MATHARE DEMOLITION 2015-08-20 08.52.39 2015-08-20 14.18.20 2015-08-20 14.20.43 2015-08-20 14.30.02 2015-08-20 15.06.50 2015-08-20 14.20.43The photos you are seeing were taken during the demolition of houses and structures along Juja road

On Thursday 20th August 2015 at around 8AM, residence of MATHARE CONSTITUENCY in Mathare area 3C MABATINI WARD along Juja Road opposite Moi Air Base woke up with shock after the business stall and house were brought down by Nairobi County Askaris .

The Nairobi County Askaris who came with heavily armed police officers demolished structures along juja RD .

One of the County Askaris was heard saying “The area is a hot spot and hiding space for thugs. We have heard a lot about this place. Most of the people going to work including military officers have lost their lives after being stabbed with a knife while others have been hospitalized.”

Most of people lost their properties thousand of shillings. Bonaventure who runs a barber shop said they were not given a notice and he lost his machines and other valuable goods worth KSH. 20,000/=.

Elected member of parliament mathare constituency Hon. Steven Kariuki who came at the scene said “Demolition without any notice are totally inhuman in on public spaces. The county government should have asked me to speak to my people so that we can remove structure ourselves.”



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