Mathare,Nigeria Village

July 17, 2013

Situation is getting back to normal with business going and vehicles are back to the road after ,the police engaged the residents of Mathare, Nigeria village in an attacks as they were raiding the drug den.

photo of mathare

The residents did not take it lightly and stated engaging themselves in a fight with the police officers who were heavily armed. The angry villagers who didn’t want to see the police get in drug dens started throwing stones to the police and blocking the entry point to the village.  The police got angry fired back at them, a woman who was in her house doing her stuffs was shot during the firing.

The residents got hungrier and started blocking Juja road, lighting tires on the road, hitting vehicles making it hard for vehicles, the ambulance or police vehicles to use the road to give first Aid assistance to the injured victims. The angry residents refused the body of the injured victim to be viewed by the police. Her body was taken to the city mortuary.

Nigeria is name given to the village in Mathare (not sure why the name of a country) and the mention of that name scares a lot of people because there goods were stolen from them or they were mugged, the police also fear visiting the area, and in any visit they are sent away with beatings, number of them being attacked and there arms taken from them, others killed as they try to access the area.

Business is doing “well” in Nigeria with stolen goods ranging from phones, household goods, clothes, laptops are sold cheaply. It’s an open business where you get to state your price as the seller too states his/hers but finally the buyer and the seller will get into an agreement.

It’s the only place in Mathare where people get drunk all day, all night without following the Mututho Law limiting drinking hours and regulating consumption of alcohol again it’s the place where you will find men, women and children are found together at any time of the day both drunk.

Community forums, chief barazas have been conducted with a lot of suggestions of seeing the government constructing a police post in the area to deal with issues of insecurity, campaigns’ to deal with drugs have been carried out in the area with NGOs CBOs, FBOs, area youths and individuals but it’s becoming a problem this is because the effects of the drugs are being felt country wide.

The president spoke about the issue of drugs especially in Mathare and asking stakeholders like The National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse ( NACADA)to help, not only in Mathare but areas of Mombasa and central area.

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