March 7, 2013

After the election some kiosk vendors in Mathare north are back to business and they are confident  there will be no violence but what they have done is that they have hiked the prices of some foodstuffs e.g they sell one tomato  for  20 shillings, a cabbage for 150 shillings while some sell them at 100 shillings.

woman selling vegetables in a kiosk while waiting for the result

woman selling vegetables in a kiosk while waiting for the result

Also some shops in Mathare 4A village are opened though the prices of milk, maize flour, salt and eggs have hiked but we Kenyans have no choice but to buy them because we can’t stay without food and some have huge families so they are crying foul for the hiked prices and wish that the results should be announced as soon as possible so as things should return to normalcy as in the prices should remain as they were.

Besides the prices of the basic commodities being high they were not readily available.In the transport industry the prices were also hiked because some matatus were packed at their parking areas,they were also few on the road due to fear of their matatus being set on fire as they will go at a loss for losing where they get their daily bread.Kenyans wish that IEBC will announce the result as soon as possible so that people will leave in peace and harmony as  our MOTTO states peace, love and unity.

A kiosk with few vegetables

A green grocers kiosk

Kenyans wish that all shops and kiosk vendors will reduce their prices because they are not the ones who have brought this problem of result delaying so they should consider us in whatever they are doing.



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