September 8, 2014

From Monday the 1st September 2014 throughout last week a lot of schools opened and the pupils are expected back to school for the 3rd term.
The prices for the vehicles were hiked up because the pupils in boarding schools were boarding them. The queue in supermarkets and minimarkets were full with the parents and the pupils doing their terms shopping.
In the villages the same was evident when school going children were seen in uniform as opposed to the previous days of the holiday where they would be seen playing.
The traffic jam has been so heavy in the morning because people were all fighting to get them to work and the children to schools.

pupils from codman Academy mathare

pupils from codman Academy mathare

The turnout in most of the schools is down because parents believe that the level of seriousness in most schools is down during the first week of the opening.
Some students were also seen cleaning there classes and indication that things were to begin on a clear page.
The by election that took place on seen most schools as polling station and so before resuming the classes they had to ensure posters of the politician are removed from the walls.
With the schools opening there are basic education regulations act of 2014 that requires the classes to begin from 8 and end at 3.30pm it aims at giving the pupils time to play and limit confinement in class
Third term a lot of activities and high level of seriousness are always seen in all school because it’s the term promotion takes place.
For those in class 8 and form 4 this term is when they do the national exam.

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