May 9, 2013

Schools reopened after breaking early last term due to elections that were scheduled for 4th Feb.  2013. Those going to boarding schools are set to report today while day scholars reported back to school yesterday.

secondary school student out for break

secondary school student out for break

After the elections the education department is expected to have a new cabinet secretary Jacob Kaimenyi who was appointed by the president along with other 15 cabinet secretaries and they are expected to be vetted by the parliament before they start working

When you take a walk especially in our government schools you will find most of them making noise and some playing. The first week of the opening students’ turnout is low and the teachers too don’t seem to be serious until the second week. With this kind of weather some parents don’t allow their children to report to school because of fear of their children being rained, playing in mud on and hence falling sick.

Education sector has always experienced numerous strikes due to low pay, poor working condition and delay in their salaries. This has lead to the children being forced to read by themselves, seek remedial lesson to private schools and teachers and others to remain a home. This has lead to poor performance on our public schools as compared to private schools.

The late Mutula Kilonzo who was minister of education, also the elected senator for Makueni brought changes on the education sector with the latest that created controversies between the parents, clergy and the students. He had proposed that secondary school girls should where miniskirts and not long skirts as nun.

nursery school out for break

nursery school out for break

Our question is: Will this term end without the teachers going on strike? Will they finish up the second term syllabus? How prepared are the teachers ready to handle the class one pupils who are said will have laptops?

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