January 9, 2013

Mathare is a name that brings cold shiver down many people’s spine, a place associate with crime, poverty, disease and drugs. Undoubtedly this is hard place to live- let alone growing up. Considering the numerous number of criminal incidences that has occurred with last night being the most recent, leaving 3 dead, several injuries burnt a car and torched houses.

houses in mathare 3c before being burnt

houses in mathare 3c before being burnt

houses burnt to ash leaving resident homeles

houses burnt to ash leaving resident homeles

Yesterday evening in Mathare Mabatini 3C as members of the community were busy setting the day SHANTIT gang were also busy terrorizing the peace of the community by revenging the killing of one of their member who was stoned to death by angry members of the community, he was found stealing to a resident. They got so furious and went where one of the villages elder works and torched him in there with other two friends, he is believed to have speareheaded the killing of the gang member. They surrounded the place of work fully armed and threaten to kill any member of the community who will provide aid to them
It was not easy for the police to calm them down because they were also armed with guns and machete. Fire fighters came to the scene of the incident but found the gang of approximately 60 surrounding the houses and were throwing stones at them which made it hard to put it off. It’s believed that the gang has its members from other parts of Nairobi namely Dandora, Kayole, Githurai and Korogocho who they normally ferry when they need reinforcement.

It’s not the first incident simply becauseSHANTIT gang is known all over in Mathare for their act of terror which is done in broad day light and at night.We are also surprised by the reaction of the police and the security personnel in this area, this is because we are surrounded by Pangani police station, Huruma police station, Muthaiga police station and Mathare Chief Camp who we are sure have heard the reports about the gang but have done nothing. The question is,MATHARE being a hot spot and we are headed to the next general election will they provide the security needed to ensure peaceful election and how long will residents’ of Mathare continue suffering and dying in the hands of the blood thirsty men ?

by Richard,Ronald AND Yvonne

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2 Responses to SHANTIT GANG? Not again

  1. joshua mwema on January 11, 2013 at 8:20 am

    chapia and vyone stop mentioning people and bad groups in your story you will put our life’s in danger

    • Yvonne Tiany on January 13, 2013 at 11:32 am

      thank you but why put our lives in danger if we know that’s what happening in the surrounding who will mention it if we seat back?. i think what you could have suggested is better ways of blogging to avoid putting our lives in danger

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