March 30, 2013

Due to difficult living standards within the slums many associates themselves with different activities in order to meet their daily necessities . In Mathare its even worse , which has lead to child exploitation , as you can see school dropouts walking around garbage disposal areas , in search of recyclable waste which they in turn sell to the dealers to meet their daily needs has most families within this area lives below poverty line .

a woman sorting bottles after buying them from children

a woman sorting bottles after buying them from children

It’s my plea to the Government and other responsible organization to come up with permanent solutions to this kind of habits, because there are no proper waste management solutions and this could lead to outbreak of diseases since waste are mixed up i.e organic waste , hazardous waste and recyclable waste. So I urge the concerned bodies to come up with trainings in waste management skills within the area which will later create employment by enabling Mathare residents to make money from different kinds of waste.

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