Strength of A Woman

April 30, 2013

Meet Seline Aoko who is 35 years known in her neighborhood as mama Atur, she is a victim of post election violence, initially she lived in “kwa nyama” before moving g to mathare where she was seeking refuge during the post election violence in 2007/2008 that claimed lives and lived many displaced, she is also a widow and has 13 kids.

mama atur posing outside her home

mama atur posing outside her home

Mama Atur lives in huruma Madoya village with her kids, she depends on casual work to ensure that here 13 kids don’t go without food. After the election of the 2007 she went through an encounter that she says will forever be in her mind

“During the post election violence people were moving up and down not knowing where they were going to, some of my kids got lost during that time, so I was also looking for them, after which I was able to find some of them, I looked for a house in mathare and well-wishers provided me with food and clothes. As days went I was able to find my 12 kids and I was also pregnant with my 13 kid. The neighbors became suspicious and started questioning me; this led to me being taken to prison. I took three days there. My kids were given a task of identifying who their mother was when I was left blind folded so that they could not easily identify me. After all of them successfully identifying me as their mother, they allowed me go home with my kids giving me food and clothes to sustain me and my kids for a couple of days as I adjust.

five kids of mama Atur outside there house

five kids of mama Atur outside there house

Before the elections this year she lived in fear thinking the same violence would happen, she opted to move upcountry but she had no money to transport her and her kids. She lived in prayers and thank God all went well.

Her prayer to the elected leaders is to ensure Kenyans are united, do away with tribalism and especially the county representative is to help her by improving the security and housing in her area. She is pleading to well-wishers to help her raise fund for her business so that she can continue paying rent and put a meal on her table this is the only too challenges she encounter. She is also thanking the sponsors that came forth to support her children and when I spoke to her she said “I wish to be a lawyer to help people who need justice representation”



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