The Teachers Strike

July 11, 2013

The strike has just been suspended for talks with the government on issues of the agreement that were made in the 1997. The government termed the strike illegal and a court order was issued asking the teachers to go back to school. The agreement was to be implemented over a period of 5 years with effect from July 1st 1997. The teachers’ salaries were to be raised by between 105 and 200 per cent. There were 5 set of allowance that was offered that is House, medical, responsibility, special, hardship and commuter allowances.

House allowance 50%, medical 20%, responsibility 45% special 10%, hardship 30%, and commuter 10%.


teachers demonstrating on the streets


The teachers claimed that the salaries were increased but allowances were not. Allegations have been made that the government is becoming political.

KNUT officials have additionally rejected the offer of Sh17 billion that had been made by the Teachers Service Commission

The Kenya National union of teachers has 270,000 members countrywide and have received some additional members who defected from KUPPET who called off their strike after reaching an agreement with the government.

The strike has seen many school children remain at home for the last 16 days not so sure how long the strike is going to take. The candidates who are expected to sit for their final exam at the end of the year have been seen in school revising alone without a teacher. In some schools where teachers were found teaching, they were given thorough beating by the striking teachers calling them traitors.

On the other hand private schools are ongoing with the syllabus and this shows why student in private school perform better in the final year exam as compared to the student from public school.

The government plans to give laptops to schoolchildren, the plan  has been opposed by parents who say the money for the computers should instead go toward raising teachers’ salaries and feeding children.



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2 Responses to The Teachers Strike

  1. Nyabate on July 15, 2013 at 7:56 am

    What hurts me is that when the Parliamentarians were striking over their salaries there issues were handled faster than teachers .Now teachers strike has affected so many children majority of them from poor families who are unable to afford taking their children to private schools and we say we wan’t to achieve vision 2030 how can we achieve that once the future leaders are not going to school but they outside now 3weeks .SRC can you please solve that issue, teachers play a great role in making leaders to be the ones they are today .GOD HELP US

    • Yvonne Tiany on July 17, 2013 at 7:56 am

      what is the situation in your area?? are they going to school still at home?? what are some of the activities they are involved in. thanks reader

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