The Traffic Jam

December 4, 2013

People will find it so good to reach to their place of work,at home or daily duties in time, but traffic jam has become a problem and this has seen many people loss opportunities like jobs, flights, ceremonies or good deals
Traffic jam in major cities of Kenya that is Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu are a different stories and a lot of people have used them as excuse for their lateness, traffic jam are seen majorly on roads or highways of Nairobi, especially Uhuru highway, Ngong road, Mombasa road, Thika road and major round-about, Without leaving small roads like Juja road and outer ring road
Along Juja road, that residents of Mathare constituency use, traffic jam is a normal story in the morning lunch time and in the evening and this happens at different points along the road. With the traffic police present or missing
The first stop being “KWA CHIEF” bus stop (in Huruma), when vehicles are coming from Kariobangi round-about that connects Juja road to Outer ring road. The second stop is at St Teresa bus stop (stage) where there is a junction that leads to Eastleigh. , the other being Mlango Kubwa here things don’t look so good because the passengers can stay in the jam for more than 30 minute. The last being near Pangani police station where vehicles from town headed to huruma, githurai, dandora meet
At different stop there have always been major causes to the traffic jam but they are not clear and speculations have it that drivers are overtaking carelessly, the traffic rules are not followed, lack of proper coordination from the drivers and the traffic police at the area. Construction of roads in Eastleigh have led to vehicles using that route to change their route to Juja road and this has caused great congestion
With all the traffic jam a lot of activities have been taking place in the road, people will be seen passing in between vehicles some selling, begging and others taking the opportunity to steal from people. When stuck at the traffic jam near St Teresa stage passengers and drivers are advised to extra careful with their phones, properties and luggage’s simply because they get away easily and you will never find them.
The traffic jam at KWA CHIEF can be managed if there is proper coordination from the driver and the police, those that are coming from town and those going to town. Jam has become so serious that sometimes you will see the administration police from the District officer (DO) office controlling it and harassing drivers and touts at the same time.

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