August 9, 2017

Following NASA claims that I.E.B.C server had been hacked by IT gurus in the Jubilee camp, Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against the presidential vote results. As the protests were taking place in Mathare No 10 area of Mathare Constituency in Mabatini ward, a teargas cannister was threw to the protestants then followed live bullets whereby Two people lost their lives. One died on the spot after he was shot on the head while the other who was shot in his chest died while being rushed to hospital. The other person was shot on his leg and he is now recieving treatment in hospital. An I witness said that the officers felt intimidated and that’s why they opted for live bulllets.

In as much as people took to the streets to protest against presidential results, Do you think the kenyan disciplinery forces should use live bullets to disperse the crowds?

What is it that can be done to protect the protestants from police brutality?

Written by: Richard Chapia

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