Voter education vital before elections

February 6, 2013

As we approach March 2013 general elections I urge the government and other stakeholders to forge a voter education because policing alone cannot be the proper solution to the threats to violence before, during and after the elections.
Indeed placing the burden of peaceful election entirely on our police service and the provincial administration is not fair and not enough, especially in places with large population in Mathare. The battle of an election without violence must be won well in advance in the hearts and minds of the silent majority that had no hands in the appalling events of 2007/2008.

So it’s high time we demonstrate to voters that they should count on the electoral systems to deliver credible outcomes at all levels. The support for any protest or violence can only be sustained if there is the belief that the electoral grievances are not addressed. The hotspots with this potential are known, so such points must not be allowed to erupt into chaos.

We therefore urge leaders who mobilize people in such protests to practice tolerance and caution their supporters so as to avoid any attacks specifically ethnic like the ones witnessed recently in Mathare before the party primaries.

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