August 2, 2017

I once read The Late Ken Saro Wiwa’s story “AFRICA KILLS HER SUN”. The story is of great provocation and teachings to many because, The Kenya of today is not the Kenya of 1990’s. Why am I saying this? Am saying this because nowadays people are so much enlightened and informed through social media than in 1990’swhereby people could get information through one Radio Channel or maybe other means.

THE Kenya of today is a clear indication that people are well informed and know everything that is taking place in this beloved country of ours. The murder of I.E.B.C ICT Manager Mr Chris Musando has  brought so much tension in Mathare and its environs.

“Watu wakubwa wamekuwa wakikufa kwa njia hazieleweki na kila serikali husema tunafanya investigation. So far ni watu wangapi wamepelekwa kotini?” (“There are so many prominent people who’ve died under unclear circumstances and all that every government keeps on telling us is that they are still doing investigations. So far how many people have been arraigned in court?”).  Sid someone in a group caucus.

And so we ask: Will the families of the deceased ever get justice?

For how long shall we hear of mysterious deaths every electioneering year?

All we are praying for is Peace Love and Justice in our beloved country Kenya.


  Written by: Richard Chapia

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