March 11, 2013


Today morning things looked normal and everybody was busy to ensure things are in order. In schools students and pupil were back to class and lessons were rolling as usual.

mama Mboga selling vegetables

mama Mboga selling vegetables

‘Mama mboga ‘were also selling their vegetables, men were also busy with their works. Matatus were also filled with passengers who were going to town and prices raised; those who had traveled upcountry fearing that violence could erupt are coming back.

Few people were seen in small groups trying to analyze what went wrong and right during the elections. The followers of Cord are certain that after their presidential aspirant Raila Odinga went to the court he is going to get justice and there will be fresh election. On the other hand the supporters of Jubilee are sure they have made it in the next government and they are only waiting for the swearing in on the fourth president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta. Above all they are all preaching peace and reminding each other that the winner (president) will serve all Kenyans not tribe.

The member of parliament elected in Mathare constituency is still confusing after the certificate that was given to Steven Kariuki (CORD) was taken from him by the IEBC and handed over to George Wanjohi(TNA). The new member of parliament for Mathare constituency as per IEBC is GM wanjohi who was councilor Kiamaiko ward and he is taking over from Bishop Margaret Wanjiru .


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