August 7, 2017

As people were busy confirming their names from the Independent Electorate and Boundaries Commission (I.E.B.C) register which has been put to public for confirmation, Christine Adhiambo Okwero who is a registered voter in Mathare Constituency Mabatini Ward was  surprised this monday morning (7th August 2017) to find out that her registration details show that she was register in BUSIA COUNTY.

“Mimi nimeshanga sana kukuja kuangalia jina yangu hapa Mathare Special nikakosa na venye nimetuma SMS ya ID number yangu kwa 70000 nimeshangaa inaniletea details eti mimi nimejiandikisha kupiga kura Busia County”. (“I came to look for my registration details here at Mathare Special then I didn’t find my name. So I sent the SMS of my ID number to the number 70000 only to find out that the registration details shows that I am a voter in Busia County”). Said Christine while angry.

The general election voting exercise shall begin tomorrow Tuesday 8th of August 2017.

On asking her whether she has ever participated in voting, she said that its her first time to vote.

Here are her registrations details as they appear on the voters card.

Name: Christine Adhiambo Okwero

Elector’s Number:008419603151259-3

Registration Centre: Mathare Special

ID number: 28231143

Ward: Mabatini

County: Nairobi.


Here are her registration details after sending an SMS to the number 70000

Name: Christine Adhiambo Okwero

County: Busia

Constituency: Butula

Polling Centre Code: 020

Polling Centre: Dadira Primary School

Polling Station: 01

Ward: Kingandole


And so we ask: Who is to be blamed on this issue?

Shall I.E.B.C allow such people to vote?


Written by: Richard Chapia

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