Youths Creating Employment For Themselves

April 4, 2013

Youths in Mathare came up with an initiative where they started creating employment on their own after they saw that the government is not providing them with jobs. The idea in mind was to start garbage collection in areas they live.  The government started registering youth groups under the ministry of youth affairs and the youth groups in these areas grew.

Young boy seen leaving a dumping site after sorting them

Young boy seen leaving a dumping site after sorting them

After months of struggle the city council of Nairobi started to offer their Lorries to the youth groups for the collection of garbage in some areas and this made many youths to join these groups so that they can earn something from the collection which has employed most youths in mathare.

While this is creating employment there are also dangers and challenges related to this job such as arrest from the city council Askaris and NEMA, high levy by the council and diseases like cholera, typhoid and skin infections. The youths also go through challenges like lack of gloves, gumboots, overalls, carts hence forced to hire them.

youths drinking water next to dumpsite and open drainage

youths drinking water next to a dump site and open drainage

As they continue, some youth groups have extended their wealth creation by collecting plastics, scrap metal, bones and other materials in the garbage which they have transformed into cash.

This has made many other youth groups to emerge, they wish that the government can at least offer them materials and needs through the city council, ministry of Youth affairs or any well-wishers to help them to make their work easier and efficient . They can also get a lorry to take the garbage collected to the dump site in Dandora rather than dumping them on the roadside or the river.


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2 Responses to Youths Creating Employment For Themselves

  1. Dean Moull on April 23, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Fantastic story, It’s good to see that communities, particularly the young, are not only creating employment opportunities but also addressing some urgent environmental issues. Communities cannot afford to wait for Government [central or devolved] to deliver services – it’s wonderful to see people taking control of their communities and their destinies. Congratulations and good luck to them.
    Dean [a friend of Mathare]

    • Yvonne Tiany on April 24, 2013 at 10:03 am

      that the only way to ensure we living in a clean environment, its time youths stop lamenting and create job for themselves,we wish the government will boost them in either way

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